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Data Protection Policy


The private limited liability company EUROPEA Residences applies all the directives of the European Union on the protection of user data. Thus EUROPEA Residences engages to:

- Never rent or sell data used in its business to any third party, business or individual users.

- Never store credit card data of its users.


Information about the Company


EUROPEA Residences is a limited liability company incorporated in Belgium under number BE0643510470 and with headquarters located at 58 avenue George Lecointe, 1180 Brussels, Belgium.


  • RESERVATION Office - Europe : 58 avenue George Lecointe, 1180 Brussels, 1040 Brussels, Belgium : Opening hours (local time): From Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 and Saturday 9:00-12:00

Email address: reservation@europea-residences.com

Reservation Contact: 0033 6 73 08 93 51




1- Definitions

"Mandatory": EUROPEA Residences intervenes as an Authorise Mandatory in the context of the provision of housing for the account of a third party (the owner or his/her legal representative).

"Customer": The natural or legal person who uses the platform of EUROPEA Residences to book an accommodation. 

"Owner": Means the natural or legal person owner of the rented accommodation and its representative welcoming the tenant on arrival or departure.

2- Terms

The following terms and conditions (GTC) of EUROPEA Residences apply to all bookings made through the platform www.europea-residences.com and other affiliate URLs. EUROPEA Residences (also referred to as "our company" or "we") acts as an Authorise Mandatory in the provision of accommodation for the account of a third party (the owner or his/her legal representative). The platform EUROPEA Residences is mandated by each owner or his/her legal representative to manage the collection of all rental fees. For its services of mediation and collection EUROPEA Residences receives compensation from the owners. As an Authorise Mandatory, EUROPEA Residences is responsible for following up each reservation, eventual complaint and refund to the client. 

3- Acceptance of General Terms

By submitting an online application, email or by sending a booking request to EUROPEA Residences by any other communication channel, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of EUROPEA Residences.

By ticking the box "specific rental conditions", the customer accepts the terms and conditions of the rental decided by the owner or his/her legal representative. This acceptance is established if the said conditions are clearly mentioned and accessible at the time of booking.

4- Quality Charter

To respond effectively and professionally to customer expectations and in line with the commercialization mandate signed with each owner or their legal representative, EUROPEA Residences reserves the right to visit all properties published on the platform www.europea-residences.com platform, or to perform a strict control to ensure the correctness of the information and the quality of the provision of on-site service.

To monitor the customer before, during and after each stay, EUROPEA Residences reserves the right to handle each post-service complaint as a mediator. Mediation will enable an amicable solution between the owner or his/her legal representative and the customer.

5- Procedure and booking rules

To facilitate the booking procedure, EUROPEA Residences is mandated by each owner or his/her legal representative to market on the platform www.europea-residences.com, and other affiliated URLs, one or more properties and collect fees for each booking on their behalf. In this context, the following rules apply to all reservations duly processed by the company EUROPEA Residences:

  • 5.1 Internet Pages: The content of the Internet pages of EUROPEA Residences is not an obligation for EUROPEA Residences or mentioned owners and may be subject to change.
  • 5.2 Reservation service: The booking service can only be made online via the secure payment platform provided by INGENICO.
  • 5.3 Reservations:
  • EUROPEA Residences deals effectively and professionally with any reservation request that it receives. EUROPEA Residences takes into consideration all of the search criteria of each client in order to offer the property that will seem the most suitable to the expectations.
  • Each customer will have two opportunities to reserve the property of their choice. Either the client will make the booking online using the "book online" or he/she will make an electronic reservation request, via the "send a request" option or via a simple email request. In this second case, EUROPEA Residences will place the desired property option and ask the customer to confirm the booking online via the personalised access "my booking" within 48 hours. In both cases, confirmation of the property will be via the platform of secure payment INGENICO after accepting the specific rental conditions.
  • The reservation becomes effective as soon as EUROPEA Residences confirms receipt of the amount of the first payment. The owner and the customer will then receive a booking confirmation by email. However, the reservation will be formally confirmed only after receipt of the second payment planned 1 month prior to arrival. Without this second payment, and despite reminders from EUROPEA Residences, the reservation will be deemed canceled and a cancellation email will be sent to the customer and the owner. In this case, the cancellation policy provided in Article 7 "cancellations and modification" of these terms and conditions, will be in place. Each customer will be able to pay the partial or total booking amount at any time via the personalized access "my booking". For Last minute arrival, in which arrival is expected within one month from the date of booking, the reservation will be confirmed after receipt of the total booking amount.
  • 5.4 Availability:
  • EUROPEA Residences mainly presents properties that have the availability to "book online". This option will allow any customer to make an online booking when desired. However, EUROPEA Residences shall not be liable if for any reason outside of the service, the said property proves unavailable. In this rare case, EUROPEA Residences reserves the right to decline any reservation, by offering alternative solutions for the customer.
  • 5.5 Price:
  • The prices listed on our Web sites are in euros (EUR). For practical reasons and based on the commercial language, EUROPEA Residences is likely to display prices in dollars (USD), Japanese yen (JPY), pounds (GBP) or yuan (CNY).
  • Although furnished renter activity is often exempt from VAT within the European Union, EUROPEA Residences reserves the right to add VAT when it is imposed by the legislation of the country where the property is located. Any provision related to taxes will be clearly stated at the time of booking.
  • 5.6 Payment methods:
  • 5.6.1 Payment by credit card: The information is required to be transmitted via our secure payment platform INGENICO no later than 48 hours after the customer receives the outcome of availability and placement of the desired apartment option. The price and availability of the property are guaranteed to the client during this 48 hour-time period. The customer is responsible to provide EUROPEA Residences with a valid credit card and sufficient funds. If this is not the case, EUROPEA Residences cannot guarantee the booking. To ensure the validity of the relationship between the credit card and purported owner, EUROPEA Residences will have the ability to use the credit card authentication 3DSecure option.
  • 5.6.2 Other forms of payment: Under certain conditions and subject to the approval of EUROPEA Residences, our company can offer other forms of payment (bank e-payment, alipay or bank transfer). The proof of payment confirmation should be sent by email to EUROPEA Residences within 48 hours after the booking intention is transmitted by the customer per email to EUROPEA Residences. Reservation prices must be respected and transfer fees must be borne in sole charge of the customer.

6- Withdrawal period

Article VI.47 and following of the Economic Law Code introduces a right of withdrawal of 14 days for any contract signed on the internet.

However it is recalled to the customer, in accordance with Article VI. 53.12 of Economic Law Code, he/she does not have the right of withdrawal as provided for in Article VI.47 of Economic Law Code, as soon as the accommodation services are provided on a date or at a specified recurrence.

Consequently, the services ordered on the platform www.europea-residences.com are exclusively subject to cancellation and modification provided below.

7- Cancellation or Change

Any cancellation or modification expressed by the customer will be sent to EUROPEA Residences by email only. Conditions of modification and cancellation are provided by default by the owners as follows:

  • Any reduction or extension of stay is subject to the approval of the owner or the legal representative. EUROPEA Residences will act as a mediator to find a solution for accommodating both parties.
  • For cancellations sent more than 15 days prior to arrival, EUROPEA Residences are required to refund 50% of the total booking price.
  • For cancellations sent between 15 days and the arrival date, no refund will be granted.
  • Exceptional cases: In exceptional cases, EUROPEA Residences will defend the cause of a client to the owner or legal representative for the non-application of the cancellation conditions. This clause will be at the sole discretion and decision of the owner or legal representative. This service provided by EUROPEA Residences does not create any liability of result on the part of EUROPEA Residences.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to take out insurance to meet any unforeseen situation.

8. Contractual relationship with owners

  • Inventory between the customer and the owner: At the check in, each client will be invited to sign an inventory and proceed a damage deposit. This agreement refers to the Damage deposit only and is directly bond between the customer and the owner at the time of arrival. EUROPEA Residences is not part of this contract.
  • Damage deposit: EUROPEA Residences does not charge any deposit. This procedure is to be performed in the apartment with the owner or his/her legal representative. The deposit, guarantee against any breach of the specific rental conditions, is mandatory and an integral part of the contract between the owner and the tenant. EUROPEA Residences is in no way linked to the deposit. However EUROPEA Residences will play the role of mediator in disputes between the two parties without a satisfactory outcome.
  • Check in and check out: The hours of check-in and check-out are indicated on the page of each apartment. These rules vary among owners. EUROPEA Residences cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring during the check-in and the check-out.
  • Rules during stay: During the stay, the customer is bound to peacefully use the rented property. In case of damage caused during his/her stay, the client must immediately contact the owner or any person authorized to represent him/her. By accepting these terms and conditions of services, the customer confirms that during his/her stay, he, she, or any person traveling with him will behave decently and respect the housing, environment and neighbourhood. In addition, the client must respect the common areas. In case of repeated complaints from neighbours or in case of violation of these rules, the owner, or any person authorised to represent him has the right to demand the departure of the housing without any form of reimbursement.
  • For any important inspection ( electricity, gaz, boiler...) that is linked with the safety of tenants and the protection of the apartment, the agency can have access to the property at anytime during the day, with a notice of 2 hours. 

9- Complaint and Dispute Resolution: If for any reason, the customer decides not to use the apartment once there, this will be settled directly between the customer and the owner. If no compromise is found, EUROPEA Residences intends to play a mediation role in order to find a solution acceptable to both parties. This service provided by EUROPEA Residences does not create any liability of result from EUROPEA Residences. The client's decision will be considered a cancellation and cancellation conditions set out in Article 8 will apply.

10- Termination: If the Client violates the contract with the owner, unilaterally, it will cause its cancellation and the client is not entitled to a refund other than those agreed in the cancellation policies.

11- Responsibilities:

  • Disclaimer: Given the fact that EUROPEA Residences acts as an intermediary and properties get published automatically through API, EUROPEA Residences is solely responsible for the booking service and payment management. EUROPEA Residences assumes no responsibility or obligation in place or on behalf of the owners or their legal representative. Responsibility for EUROPEA Residences is limited to the booking procedure and management of the payment of the reservation. It is the owners or the property managers responsibility to respect all local laws concerning the property.
  • Claims: Each complaint must be addressed to EUROPEA Residences in writing (e-mail) within a maximum period of 15 days after the end date of stay. After this period is exceeded, EUROPEA Residences reserves the right not to take further steps to respond to the claim.
  • Force majeure: EUROPEA Residences can not be held responsible in the event of force majeure on the Property, i.e. natural disasters, fire, epidemics, war, riots, attacks or total destruction of the property entailing the cancellation of the rental and/or the early termination thereof. The complete cancellation of the rental by EUROPEA shall entail the termination of the rental contract and the reimbursement by the Owner to the Tenant of the amounts already paid. The Company shall not be obliged to pay any compensation other than the reimbursement of the price of the rental. The early termination of the rental shall give rise to the reimbursement by The Company of the price of the unused rental term. Any force majeure, having no impact on the property itself, which would prevent the Tenant from arriving in the area of the rental, will not cause the cancellation of the rental agreement, and will not amount to a cancellation of the contract. The Tenant will be responsible for the full amount stipulated in the rental contract.
  • Renovation works: Since European cities are generally old cities, renovation works happen often. Clients who book with us agree that it is an obligation imposed by the European laws that EUROPEA cannot be held responsible in the event of any renovation works that occurred in the street or on the facade of the building. Works take place normally during the day until 17:00pm and never during the weekend. However, depending on the level of inconvenience caused by the works, our agency agrees to refund up to 10% of the total rental cost.
  • Contact: In case of last minute problems, our booking agent and the owner must be able to inform you of any changes. EUROPEA Residences is not responsible if you are not reachable by email or phone and a problem arises before or during your stay.

12- Transfer booking of accommodation:

If a client can take possession of the reserved accommodation, another customer is not entitled to a housing transfer without the approval of EUROPEA Residences and the owner.

13- Applicable Law and Juridiction

Relationships and contracts via EUROPEA Residences or under the solicitation EUROPEA Residences are governed by the substantive laws of the Kingdom of Belgium. In case of dispute, EUROPEA Residences and its client agree to attempt to settle the dispute amicably. Any legal dispute against EUROPEA Residences shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts of Brussels, Belgium. 




1- Use of the website, copyright and trademark

By visiting or using this site, you agree to its terms. The name EUROPEA Residences, logo and all product and service names, trademarks and slogans are trademarks or service marks of EUROPEA Residences. All other names, logos and all product and service names, design marks and slogans used on this site are trademarks or service marks of their owners. All rights are recognised. All copyright and other intellectual property rights in any material, including html code, text, photos or other images displayed on our site are either the property of EUROPEA Residences or have been authorised for our use by their respective owners. If you want to use any information or materials posted on our site, you must first obtain our written permission, or that of the holder of the rights to the material, if applicable. You must not modify, copy, transmit, display, perform, publish, license or create derivative works of any information or software accessed through the service. When copying or transmission is expressly permitted, you must not modify or delete any author or copyright. Reference in this website to any products, services, processes, trade names, trademarks or other information of third parties does not imply or constitute an endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by us. Links to other websites not operated by us are solely for your convenience. We are not responsible for products, services, processes, trade names, trademarks or other information provided by third parties. Our inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites does not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators. You must not use our website for any activities that violate laws, infringe the rights of any party, or violation of the standards, content requirements or codes promulgated by any competent authority. You must not use our website in a way that interferes with other users or defames, harasses or threatens anyone. You shall indemnify us against all actions, claims, suits, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses arising out of your use of our site.

2- The accuracy of the information on the site and the availability of information

This website information is posted in good faith and updated regularly, but we cannot guarantee its completeness and accuracy. We cannot verify the accuracy of all information provided by the owners. We accept no liability to you or any third party for any error or omission on this site. We may change, update or delete any information on this site without prior notice. We do not warrant that this site is error-free or that any information or other material accessible from this site is free of viruses or other harmful components. We make no representations concerning the adequacy of the information, products and services on this site for any purpose. The site is provided "as is" and on an "as available" basis. You accept total responsibility and risk for the use of this site. We will not be liable for any errors, omissions or misleading information and we disclaim, to the extent permitted by law, all implied warranties in connection with such information. All photographs used are for illustrative purposes and should not be taken as literal representations of actual facilities, accommodations or services offered unless otherwise noted. In no event will we be liable for any claim, injury, loss, complaint, damage or direct, indirect, and special or economic loss, but not limited to lost profits or savings, arising from the use of data or information services displayed on this site. Obvious errors (including typographical errors) are not binding.

4- The personal information of the user

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of all current, former and future customers. We recognize that you entrust important personal information to us, and we want to assure you that we take our responsibilities in protecting and safeguarding this information seriously. For more information, we advise users to read our "Data Protection Policy" in the preface of these conditions.

5- Modifications to the Terms of Sale and Use

We may change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice given to you. Unless otherwise stated, the adjustments brought to these terms and conditions shall be implemented from the moment they are published on the website. The customer therefore has a responsibility to keep him/herself up to date concerning the latest published version of general conditions.

END Terms and Conditions