How to book a vacation rental?




1. How can I settle the payment ? What about the security deposit? 

The payment of your vacation rental is settle online by credit card ( Visa or Mastercard ). We usually charge 50% of the rent at the reservation and 50% of the rent the previous month of your arrival. If your arrival is in less than 1 month, we will charge you the full payment of the rent at the reservation.

The security deposit is to proceed at the check in by credit card ( visa or master card ). It is not a payment and no debit is proceed. However the amount will be hold during your stay. The security deposit is released at 8 pm on the day of your departure. ( Please note that depending the location of your bank, it can take few days to be completely released )


2. Is there any extra fees? 

Please note that upon arrival a city tax will be proceed depending your stay length and the number of persons staying with you at the property. Please refer to your apartment page or booking confirmation email. 

In some cases, a extra can be asked at the check in for late check in time or check in on Bank holiday. Those informations are mentioned on the apartment page for each property, as well as your booking confirmation email. 


3. Which Credit card can I use? Which rates of the currency you follow?

We accept Visa or MasterCard. We charge the rent in Euro. Our system provides as well an estimate rate in different currency according the lowest rate on the market. Please note that this is only an estimate and only the rate in Euros applies. 


4. How can I change the dates or the number of the guests of the stay?

You can change the number of guests of the stay at anytime. Please note that the city tax to proceed at the apartment will be based on the number of guest on your reservation.


5. What is your cancelation policy? 

We guarantee a refund of 50% of the rent until 15 days prior arrival. For any cancelation between 15 days and the day of arrival, we are unable to refund the rent.


6- Is there any travel insurance that takes in charge the risk of cancelation?

Yes, we provide travel insurance in case of cancelation for health issue and other major issues. The cost is 3,5% of the reservation amount.


7. Is there any minimum number of stay ?

Yes, the minimum stay is 2 nights.


8. What includes the rate shown on Europea website? 

Our rate includes :


- Reservation support center.

- Digital conciergerie + Stay planning tool 

- Cleaning in and out + cleaning weekly for stay more than 9 nights.

- Personnel check in 

- Stay at the accomodation

- Professionnel linen + towels ( **** hotel standards )

- Onsite support

- Onsite Front desk facilities ( offices ) for check in and check out.


9. Which additional services are available before and during my stay ?

- The digital conciergerie will allow you to book Tour guided, educational / leisure activities, transportation and utilities services ( travel wifi, baby cot, baby seat, troller and many more ). 

- The planning tool will help you to memo each activities ( important info, contact number..) and download / share a programme of your stay.


10. If i rent several time, could i get a better rate?

For any subscription to Europea Premium, a discount of 15% is offered on our website on all our destination. Please contact us in order to know more about it.



Arrival / Departure


1. Can you arrange a early check in? 

We always do our very best to accommodate the best check in time.  However if you arrive very early it might be a good option to book the previous night in order to secure a check in time at 9h30. If the previous night is not booked, our team will invite you to reach us at the office address linked with your vacation rental. You will be able to store your luggages and enjoy the first hours in the city you are visiting. If you arrive early, please be sure we will put your check in in priority that day. 


2. Can you arrange to pick us up at the airport? 

We can organise our private driver if you choose this option into your digital conciergerie. If so, our private driver will be waiting for you at the exit gate of your flight. Please be so kind to share your flight info and contact number in order to always be connected with us.


3. Will i be on my own for the check in or would you be assisting me at the apartment?

Yes, we distribute only professional apartment with personal check in. Our check in are mostly in English language. However if you need a check in French, Japanese, Chinese or Korean, please just let us know via your digital conciergerie.


4. Do i need to pay anything at the check in?

For a check in after 8pm or on Sunday / bank holiday, an extra of 50 euros will be asked at the check in. As well, the city tax is to proceed at the apartment by credit card ( it is about 1 euros per day and per person )


 5. What is your check out time and policy?

Our usual check out time is 11am. However we would be able to accommodate a free late check out if the cleaning schedule allows it and if the request is made in advance. If a late check out is not possible, you will be invited to store your luggages at our office.  


6. Is anyone comes to the apartment when checking out?

The check out is simple. You just need to leave the keys at the apartment and close the door behind you. Please make sure to not forget anything at the apartment.




1- What type of linen and towels are inside the vacation rentals ?

We use 4 stars hotel linen and towels. We provide 3 set of towels per person.


2- Do you provide shampoo, shower gel ?

Yes, but only for few days, after the client is invited to buy by himself. We are able to organise to buy anything you may need prior arrival by choosing this option in your digital conciergerie.


3- If there is an issue with the vacation rental, do you have a team onsite. 

We always intervene within 24h to solve any issue onsite. Our offices are open everyday of the year.



Property Manager


1. I own a vacation rental, can I rent it through Europea?

Yes, you can rent via Us. Our owners team would be glad to meet you and discuss further. Please contact us via