Best Brussels Luxury Rentals

Top Brussels Luxury Rentals

Despite Brussels being relatively small and less grand than most European capitals, Brussels is a great destination for family holidays and business travel. At Europea-Residences we handpick the best luxury homes and provide you with a wide range of exclusive hotel services to make the best of you stay in the capital of Europe.

Brussels Grand Place Luxury Apartments

The Grand-Place is the heart of the City of Brussels. It is world known for its decorative and opulent architecture, surrounded by the guild houses, the City Hall and the Maison du Roi. Furthermore The Grand Place is the venue for numerous events and performances like the famous Flower Carpet that covers the square with begonias every summer.

Grand Place Duplex Residence

Where to stay in Brussels

This airy apartment can be found in the famed Grand Place. The creative and eye-catching contemporary design is showcased in shades of blue, white and tan. Warm ochre accents create a unique atmosphere that is both restful and vibrant. The bold, modern lines and curves of the furniture complement the abstract paintings and colourful glass and pottery décor. Read more


Central Residence

Luxury rental in Brussels

Located near the famous Grand Place, this compact apartment provides you with an elegant escape in the heart of Brussels. Infused with a tasteful Scandinavian design, the interiors are adorned with shades of warm ivory and cool blue. Refreshingly original contemporary furniture and accessories in tones of grey, tan and taupe beautifully complement the expansive, airy rooms. Read more

Brussels Schuman Holiday Rentals

The European quarter in Brussels is the political and cultural epicentre of Europe, with of lively squares, trendy shops, wide green spaces, the principal Brussels museums and, on top of all that, the bustling from all the European institutions. 


Godecharles Residence

Home for rent in Belgium

With its location in Brussels' European Quarter, this apartment is situated in one of the world's most important power centres. Close by are the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Commission and several other important institutions. Read more


Arts-Loi Luxury Apartment

Holiday Rental in Brussels for rent

A beautiful one-bedroom holiday apartment close to the Schuman area and EU headquarters. The atmosphere in here is just what you’d want and expect in a city such a Brussels - it’s fresh, it's modern yet it displays a dash of old-school character. Read more